OPENING: Akasha | Paintings By Nika Fontaine | Friday 15th September 2017 from 5pm

Akasha is a term for Ether in traditional Indian cosmology. It is the the fifth element above the four elements of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
The Ether is the space between and in all things where the light shines and create.
The akasha series depict seeds of life, transmutations, spiritual mitosis, silence, stillness and alignment. 
Through an eternal force of sharing and giving, entities are gaining consciousness as they become vessels of care. 
Some seek incarnation while others who previously did are shelling to shine ever brighter. 
In Akasha, we are spectators of the omnipresent ubiquitous spectacle of spiritual birth.  

Each paintings are a snapshot of the ongoing dance of life at a spiritual level. 
To meditate upon the works is to acknowledge the existence of those forces in the very core of your constitution.
Spiritual growth take place as the viewer recognise the potential of transmutation of thought and matter. 
By biding your consciousness to the elements of creation, you release your full potential of co-creation.

The All inclusive Altars are there to give a direct connection with the elements. 
Combining the Ethereal depictions of the paintings with the experience of fire, water, earth and air of the Altars, the tools of Oneness are given.
We can see a recurrence in the motif of the hands and boats.
Here the hands are suggesting the eternal force of sharing and giving while the boat is the vessel which receive the light.
The Kabbalist will say our body is a vessel for our soul just as our soul is a vessel for the light and knowledge.
Everything is in the light, and the light is in everything.

The visitors are encouraged to see beyond the art.
As a temple, the space is transformed to invite the first light and slow down the time. 
I want to create a vortex which transport the traveler in a parallel state of awareness. 
I perceive theses artworks as tools more than blatant decorative objects. 

About the artist: Nika Fontaine is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin.

"With my work, I strive to unravel the invisible, translate my perceptions and communicate my acquired knowledge of iné wisdom. As far as I can remember, spirituality has been part of my life and fascinated me. Today I seek to define and enrich this spirituality through studies while hoping to transmit my path via my creations. Tarot, Kabbalah, lucid dreaming, alchemy and astrology are among my focus of research. Not only my art allow’s me to share my visions, but foremost formulate my intuitions in a vessel of common growth. This personal endeavour married to my passion for fine arts generates a work that celebrates matter, spirit and soul. Some series questions the form and due place of the object confronted by its judgments in our society, while others exist as transcendental tools given to the viewers. For those tools artworks, I aspire to a purification of the object which becomes the trace of a moment. I hope to engage the public in contemplation while speaking directly to their subconscious with the language of the soul. Some more critical artworks often use sarcasm and humour in an elaborate aggressively decorative shell which resonates to consumerism. Being confronted to this envelope can spark the will to discard its own blockades.   I like to consider my art practice as a parent of alchemy and witness of an initiating way. I am steered by the desire to create useful and healing artworks which in one way or another can improve the collective well-being."

Nika Fontaine's website

(above) Title: Aleph Shin Mem; dimensions: 100cm x 100cm, material: glitter on burlap
(below) Title: Infinite force of sharing and giving #2; dimensions: 150cm x 120cm; material: glitter on burlap



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